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Cheetos X Visuals by Sameer (2021, Concept)

In the midst of self-isolation in the 2020 festive period, being stuck at home and consuming endless amounts of unhealthy snacks (Cheetos included, of course) led to a new creative adventure.

Adidas X Visuals by Sameer (2021, Concept)

I shot these in early 2020, but the perfectionist in me slowly began convincing myself that these concept ads weren't good enough because of some blemishes I couldn't seem to shake. Fast forward almost a year, and I've rediscovered these somewhere in the depths of my hard drive, bewildered that I ever considered not publishing these concepts.

CV Design Relief (Twitter, 2020)

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, I posted a call-out on Twitter and Instagram for a free CV revamp for those who had been let go from their current job/were struggling to get a new job because of the pandemic. I wanted to do something out of kindness for those who had an awful start to the year in terms of their career. The posts soon went viral, and I was flooded with requests for CV revamps. Here are some of the redesigns.

Update (21/07/2020): Five people who have reached out for a redesign have informed me that they now have a job in the career they want.

Club Soda, Mindful Drinking Festival (2019 - 2020)

Logos and Assets